Hosting a Marquee Event

Are you planning a wedding, birthday party, corporate event or celebration of engagement?  No doubt hosting these type of events can be quite costly. Are you looking for an alternative source for a venue and don’t want to be paying for the high costs of hotels, community centres, restaurants or convention centres? Maybe you should consider hiring Marquees here at Event Hire Sydney! We offer both Framed Marquees and Popup Marquees to hire.

Here in Australia we are quite lucky to have such vast amounts of wide open space, an even better reason to take full advantage of the space by hiring a marquee for your event.

Read more to find out our Top 5 Benefits of Choosing Marquees for your next big celebration with us at Event Hire Sydney.

1. Budget-Friendly

If you’ve done your research, you would know that town halls, hotels, restaurants and destination locations such as wineries are known to charge premium per head for events which could cost you quite a bit. However, if you consider hiring a marquee this is a much cheaper alternative than those ‘packaged’ costs. Our Marquee range offers many sizes, from 6m to 10m framed marques. You can email us a picture of the space & dimensions and quote you accordingly. Also, we do our best to give you the best advice as our team are marquee experts!

marquee in backyard

 2. More Control

Another common ‘packaged cost’ that comes with hiring out established event venues is the provision of catering, alcohol, and furniture. You are quite limited with the choices at these established venues but with hiring a marquee you gain more control. Although it may demand a little more work and coordination on your end to arrange catering logistics with third party suppliers, the result of these could actually work in your favour, especially with your guests and budget.

large marquee

3. Creative License

With our range of Marquee, you are given a blank canvas. Meaning you have the control of all of the creative possibilities that you can bring to life. Compared to a hotel or a restaurant, you are limited and have to work around with what you’ve been given. However, our Marquees allows you to gain full reigns to decorate your canvas as you wish – from the ceiling to the walls, seating and decorations.

At Event Hire Sydney, we have also offer a range of event prop hire that you might take a liking and hiring together with our marquee.


large marquee with lights
Marquee hire

4. Accommodative

Hiring out established venues often have minimum guests numbers or set occupancy limits which may effect you with the limitation. Our Marquees come in a range of sizes that can host guest lists in the hundreds – in which case, having the event on expansive grounds would be ideal. But you can also opt for an intimate affair, made possible with our smaller marquees such as our Popup Marquees.

marquee event

5. Timing

Hosting an event with our Marquees allows you to make the rules on when you want the party to stop. In comparison, traditional venues often have time limits but hiring our marquees for your events means you won’t be restricted to time and have the pressure of wrapping things up at 12pm. Your event can go as long as you want and have your guests enjoy as we offer both same day collection or a different day collection, though the latter we recommend is a better option for you.


Marquee hire

Looking to hire a marquee for your event? Look no further than the experts at Event Hire Sydney. Check out our marquee hire options or feel free to contact us directly if you have any questions and enquiries.

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