Outdoor Heater Hire sydney

Outdoor heater hire is a great way to keep warm in winter. We provide heaters for hire in Sydney. We stock large quantities of mushroom heaters and area heaters. We also carry an electric heater range for indoor events, and space heaters for industrial and commercial heating of large spaces.

You can hire one or multiple heaters for large events. We provide a full service which includes gas, delivery and set up of all the heaters, simply choose a package that meets your requirements. Different heaters are suited for certain environments. Let us know what you want to heat, whether it be an outdoor patio, marquee, carport, warehouse, court yard or open space.

All prices below are for a 24 hour hire period. If you require heater hire for more then 24 hours, please contact us for a reduced long-term hire price. If you wish to order more heaters than our packages offer, please call for our best price.