Slushie Machine Hire sydney

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If you want ice cold slushies at your next event, you have come to the right place. At Event Hire Sydney, we provide slushie machines hire for your upcoming birthday, wedding or corporate event that you are planning.

Slushie Machine Hire is a great way to make your very own frozen cocktails at your party. Slushie Machine hire offer something a bit more fun and interesting than the norm of beer, wine and spirits.

At Event Hire Sydney, we offer different packages to suit your event, whether you are just having a small group of friends and family, or a large scale event. We have a variety of flavours to choose suitable for both adults and children.

Our slushie syrups are all mocktails. Adults can create cocktails, daiquiris and margaritas by adding the suggested alcohol in our flavours list. Parents can choose flavours for the kids and serve delicious frozen drinks. Our slushie machines can create frozen cocktails and mocktails in just under an hour.

Why not also hire our slushie machine with our popcorn machines and candy machine dispensers 

  • Private Parties: Slushie machine hire are a hit at birthday parties, providing guests with refreshing frozen beverages to enjoy. From fruity slushie mocktail flavours to classic favourites like margarita or daiquiris.
  • Kid’s Parties: Slushie machine hire is popular for kids birthday parties. Kids love the colourful slushies, and having a variety of fun flavours adds excitement to the party. 
  • Outdoor Festivals: Slushie machine hire is a great addition to outdoor festivals and carnivals. Our slushies provide a refreshing treat for guests while they enjoy the festivities. 
  • Corporate Events: Slushie machine hire can add a fun element to corporate events. They offer a unique and enjoyable beverage option for employees to enjoy during casual gatherings. 
  • Barbecues and Family Gatherings: Slushie machines are a fantastic addition to barbecues and family gatherings in the summer, adding a cool and refreshing drink different from the norm.
  • Weddings: Slushie machine hire can bring a fun touch to weddings, offering more than just the standard beer and wine usually provided by venues, our selection of flavours in different colours are great to match the wedding decor or even offering guests the favourite flavours by the bride and groom.