Event Hire Sydney has pop up marquees for hire in Sydney. The pop up marquee range is a quick, easy and cheap option for creating instant shelter. The pop up marquees can typically be set up in under 5 minutes.

They are great for back yard parties, small events, festivals and as market stalls. The pop up marquees come in a range of sizes including 3m x 3m, 3m x 6m and 4m x 8m.

You can order multiple pop up marquees to create larger sheltered areas. Internal gutters can be provided. The pop up marquees can be hired with or without walls.

  • Private Parties: Hiring a pop-up marquee is a fantastic option for hosting outdoor birthday parties. A pop-up marquees offer a versatile and weather-proof space to gather and celebrate. They can be set up in a backyard, park, or any outdoor location, providing shade and protection from the sun or light rain. 
  • Outdoor Festivals and Markets: Pop-up marquee hire is perfect for outdoor festivals and markets, providing shelter and shade for vendors, stalls, and activity areas. They create a designated space for stallholders to showcase their products or services, while protecting them from the sun or rain.
  • Corporate Events and Trade Shows: Pop-up marquee hire is often used in corporate events and trade shows to create exhibition spaces offering an area for vendors to showcase products or their brand.
  • Sporting Events: Pop-up marquees hire is ideal for sports events, providing sheltered areas for sports teams, players, and event organisers. Our pop up marquees can also be used as a registration booth or first aid stations.
  • Weddings: Our pop-up marquees are a popular choice for weddings and private parties held outdoors. 
  • Community Events: Our pop up marquee hire is popular for community events to host activities, create information booths, or entertainment areas. They can also double as a green room when hiring our marquees with walls
  • Photoshoots: Our pop-up marquee hire with walls is also commonly hired for outdoor media events or photoshoots providing the use as a green room, a meal room or for hair and makeup/dressing room.