Cocktail Table Hire sydney

Check out our latest addition of cocktail tables for hire. Perfect for formal and evening events to serve drinks to your guests. Our cocktail table range is available for events, weddings and receptions across Sydney. Versatile and elegant, you’ll be sure to find a suitable cocktail table for your party’s theme. In addition to tables themselves, you can also hire a stylish lycra sock to cover the table to customise to your party’s themes and colours. Different types of cocktail table hire include our new addition of modern wire cocktail tables, as well as more traditional stainless steel bar cocktail tables.

  • Corporate Events: Whether it’s a networking event or a company celebration, hiring cocktail bar table hire can provide a sophisticated atmosphere and encourage mingling.
  • Weddings: Hiring Cocktail bar tables are a popular choice for wedding receptions, as they create a relaxed and elegant atmosphere and provide a place for guests to gather and socialise. Our white wire cocktail table and Gold Arrow Cocktail Table are most popular for weddings
  • Birthday Parties: Whether it’s a milestone birthday or a casual gathering, hiring cocktail bar tables can add a touch of class to the occasion and provide a place for guests to place their drinks. Our stainless steel cocktail bar table is most popular dressed in lycra socks
  • Networking Events: Hiring Cocktail bar tables can provide a comfortable and inviting atmosphere for networking events, encouraging guests to mingle and connect with each other.
  • Charity events: Hiring Cocktail bar tables can add a casual space to charity events and help create a festive atmosphere for guests.
  • Outdoor events: Whether it’s a garden party or a music festival, cocktail bar tables can be a practical solution for providing seating and surfaces for food and drinks in an outdoor setting.