Projector & Screen Hire

Projector hire is available for those looking to display a visual in a larger format. Our projector hire is useful for those looking to present information in a meeting, a presentation of photos or video for a party, or a tribute at a funeral. We also rent our screens on tripod stands for those that also need an area to display.

  • Corporate Meetings: Projectors and screens are essential for business presentations, They enable presenters to display clear and visually engaging content, including slideshows, graphs, and charts. The large projection size ensures that all attendees can easily see and understand the information being presented.
  • Birthday Parties: Hiring a projector and screen is great for displaying photos and videos of the special person whom is celebrating.
  • Weddings: Projectors and screens can add an extra touch to a wedding reception, it can be used to display a collection of of photos or videos showcasing the couple’s journey, from their engagement to the wedding day.
  • Trade Shows: Projectors and screens can help attract attention and showcase products or services at trade shows, displaying videos.
  • Karaoke Events : Projectors and screens can enhance the visual experience of karaoke, displaying the lyrics and/or videos on the screen.
  • Sporting Events: Hiring a projectors and screen is great way to showcase sporting events such as NRL Grand Finals and Melbourne Cup Events