Dry Ice Machine

Dry ice machine hire is now available through Event Hire Sydney. They are perfect for a range of events, ranging from wedding functions to product launches and Halloween parties.

Compliment your first dance with your partner on your wedding day with the addition of the dry ice fog machine, which gives off the perfect thick white fog, creating a great effect of dancing in the clouds.

The dry ice machine creates a dense, thick billowing fog cloud generated from the machine which hangs low to the ground, and doesn’t interfere with fire/smoke machines, photography flashes or any cameras, meaning your photos turn out perfect and uninterrupted.

We use the Chauvet Nimbus machine, which is one of the best fog machines in the business, and come operated with a mini trolley to easily maneuverer around the bridal dance floor, for the best all round effect. The machine is large enough to hold over 4.5kilos of dry ice, creating enough thick fog for up to 6 minutes continuously.

Different packages are available, ranging from one time usage for your bridal waltz, to bridal party entrances, engagement parties, as well as halloween themed functions, or anything other event which you may require the fog effect.

We supply the complete package including the dry ice machine, the dry ice pellets, and a qualified operator with gloves and industrial esky to transport the dry ice and prevent any ice drying up, all to ensure your service and hire runs flawlessly. Our operator will arrive at least an hour prior to your required time, to set up and allow time for the machine to prepare.