Top Tips for Organising Wedding Music

So you have everything you need for your big day but there’s just one big deciding factor left… the music! After the food, music is arguably one of the most important elements of any party and there are a few things to consider.

Some bridal parties prefer to opt in having a DJ for the nights, as it takes the pressure off deciding the running order of tunes and it also removes the temptation for guests to be jumping in controlling the tracks and skipping songs!

When it comes to planning the music, here are a few of our best tips.

Ask guests to nominate a song in their RSVP

This is becoming increasingly popular and is a great motivator to bribe your guests into sending through their RSVP’s on time! It’s also a good way to read the crowd before the big day and know what tunes are going to get people up and moving on the dance floor.

Create multiple playlists of different genres

Having multiple playlists that you can switch between is much easier than scrolling through one long list. Plus, it’s much easier to navigate between themes or genres then trying and get it right mixing it up at random! For example you might have a playlist that’s for during dinner, a dedicated 90s playlist for the dance floor, and a separate one again with 80s and classic hits to make sure everyone has their moment bust a move!

Here are some playlist favourites from Spotify,

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Hire a DJ

A DJ is a safe and sure way to make sure your guests are on the dance floor and not fighting over the controller. It’s also peace of mind to know one person is solely responsible for reading the crowd and ensuring everyone is having a good time. When hiring a DJ, you’ll want to check firstly that they know your music taste and are committed to playing this style on the day. It’s your event and it’s important that they understand it’s not their show, it’s your party with your family and friends. A good way to do this is before booking ask them for a sample of their playlist music and what their usual vibe is. Once confirmed, you can also set up a shared Spotify playlist and share with them beforehand the songs that are must haves on your day.

If you’re pretty clear about what music you want to have, and it’s just needing someone to manage the playlist on the night, you may even be able to ask a friend to take on the role, rather than hiring someone. Most DJ’s are not too expensive however, and wedding DJs are becoming increasingly popular – so it’s likely not to be their first wedding!

Hire a band for the early part of the evening

If you have the budget, a band is a beautiful touch to have at a wedding. Everyone appreciates live music and it adds a very personal mood to the evening. Most bands will do two 1.5 to 2 hour sets so you’re unlikely to have them for the whole of the evening. A band will usually be included in the head count for meals too, so you’ll need to factor this into your budget. It’s suggested even with a band that you follow the tips above with having playlists ready for when their set finishes and people want to continue dancing, and also to have on standby for their break time.

Don’t music until the last minute

If you set up playlists and add a song request to your invitation, planning the music slowly throughout your wedding preparations can be a really nice break from the other to-do’s! So take the pressure off any last minute scrambling and start early. It’s also a fun way to get yourself excited about the reception and fun part of your big day… the party!


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