A Wedding Hire Essentials Checklist

Planning a wedding can be very overwhelming and stressful as theres many aspects of a wedding to be considered. From Wedding dresses, to venue, to guests, catering, wedding chairs and even the smaller details like picking a song to walk down the aisle.

While the to-do list might feel never ending, the best and easiest approach is to break it down into sections. The simplest way to start doing this us by event type, i.e. engagement party, ceremony and reception. Once you’ve done this you should section your task list even further by themes, like decorations, music, food, floor plan and event.

At Event Hire Sydney, we can’t help you pick your music (although we have a lot of advice about audio set-up and hire), but we can offer our recommendations on the essentials for party and event hire. Here is our wedding hire essentials checklist for planning your special day event.

Tables and chair for the ceremony and reception

Once the guest list and capacity of your event has been confirmed, you should then decide whether your ceremony will be partially or fully seated and make a floor plan for your reception.

Get in early to hire a table and chair combined package for the best prices and to secure availability. It’s also worthwhile considering hiring a few extras to place in communal lounge areas for later during the night.

Linen for dining tables

There are many caterers who provide crockery, cutlery and serving utensils, but don’t include table cloths or dressings. It’s easiest to arrange this while hiring out your table. This is probably the most efficient option as the hire company you go with often will have table cloths that fit the exact specs of the table being used, and the tables can be dressed at the same time as the set-up. Here at Event Hire Sydney, we offer table linen that perfectly fit our tables, including our trestle tables, round banquet, cocktail bar tables, and more.

wedding hire essential checklist
Minimalist event setting with white Tiffany Chairs

Bar tables

Cocktail Bar Table is often forgotten off the list, and it can be quite an annoying experience to be standing at a wedding reception with nowhere to rest your drink. A few cocktail bar tables scattered throughout a room are a great option to help open up the space so guests are comfortable to mingle throughout the room and have a place to rest their drink. Cocktail Bar Tables also provide an option for those who may not be on the dance floor but still stand up to stretch their legs and feet a party of the party atmosphere! We offer a range of Cocktail Bar Tables that includes Wire cocktail table, Gold wire arrow table, Glow Cocktail bar table and many more.

wedding hire essential checklist


If your event is outdoors, you’ll need to look at Marquee. Even for wedding receptions that are predominantly indoors with an outdoor space, a marquee is a terrific option to provide shelter and to provide a more intimate outdoor setting. We offer a range of Marquees with different sizes.

Sound and lighting, including microphone and speaker

Arguably, unless you’re an event planning veteran, hiring sound and lighting can be the most daunting. Don’t risk speeches not being heard and make sure to hire a microphone. If you already have speakers available near where speeches will be, a corded microphone may be enough, otherwise a wireless mic and PA is a popular package to hire.

microphone hire

A wishing well for card gifts

Most wedding offers a wishing well for card gifts and ask for this instead of presents. It’s not quite the same touch however having cards swept all over a gift table! With our Wishing Well, it is the safest way to be collecting these gifts than risking an envelope slipping off a table or getting misplaced.

traditional wishing well hire


Whether you’re planning a big or small wedding event, these checklist items will ensure your event has all the furniture hire you need on your big day. And while there will be many other touches and finer details to consider, having these most important elements are all you really need to know your guests will feel welcomed, be comfortable, and have a great time.


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