Styling tips for the Tiffany Chair

The timeless and classical Tiffany Chair is probably one of the most popular chairs available for hire. It is also called Chiavari Chair, the Tiffany Chair’s classic design brings an elegant tone to your table setting and event space. You’ll often see the Tiffany Chair used at black tie events, weddings, corporate functions and other special occasions. It is a piece of chair that suits any space and any decorated themes you may have. Tiffany Chairs are both stylish and practical, the duality of this piece of chair!

At Event Hire Sydney we have several colours of Tiffany Chairs available to hire, including, white, black, silver, gold and clear (also known as ghost). With chairs filling up your venue space, it is quite an important consideration for the colour and effect that you choose when hiring. However, with whatever colour you do choose, they are sure to complement your event styling. Let’s explore the different ways to style Tiffany Chairs and create an enchanting event space.

The White Tiffany Chair

Among all the colours available in the Tiffany Chair range, white tiffany chair is generally the most popular choice of colour. It’s the easiest to pair with any coloured linen tablecloth, floral arrangement and theme or decor. Whether you’re sticking to one colour theme, going minimalist or have a palette of a few colours, white really does go with anything.

The Black Tiffany Chair

Compared to the clean look of the white tiffany chair, the Black Tiffany Chair has a more bold and chic look that will add a dramatic effect to any event space. The Black Tiffany Chair are usually paired with deeper and richer colours or can be nicely contrasted with white or a cream colour of decor theme. Our Black Tiffany Chairs screams out professionalism and elegance at the same time and bring out the professionalism of our corporate event.

The Gold Tiffany Chair

If you want a touch of luxury and royalty, our Gold Tiffany Chair is the most royal choice. There is an air of grandeur about it and will easily suit dark or light themes as seen in the images below.  Event Hire Sydney’s Gold Tiffany Chairs are a champagne colour, with a choice of being paired with a white, black or silver padded cushion. The Gold Tiffany Chair is popular for weddings but can also be used for general functions that want to create a special atmosphere.

gold tiffany chair to hire 

The Silver Tiffany Chair

Similar to the gold, the silver Tiffany Chair gives an elegant and sophisticated look to any room. The silver Tiffany Chair is sometimes used instead of the white Tiffany Chair if you want to add a bit more pop to your event theme and stylings. If you’ve gone for an all white theme with decor, the silver Tiffany Chair can also be a great choice to break this up. When matched with an ice or brighter blue and white, the silver Tiffany Chair can give a fantasy, almost magical theme to your event.

silver tiffany chair to hire for marquee outdoor event

The Ghost/Clear Tiffany Chair Hire

We may be wrong after all! We said the White Tiffany Chair was the most versatile, but it may be the Ghost/Clear Tiffany Chair hire? Given that it’s clear and transparent structure, it can literally adapt itself to any surroundings! The Clear Tiffany Chair, referred as Ghost Chair, is becoming quite popular for events that want a more prestigious style. This chair will look great with dark decorations, traditional white wedding themes and if paired correctly with the right colours it can also give a whimsical vibe. See the below images for the versatility of a Clear Tiffany Chair used in various themes.

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