Planning the Best Corporate Christmas Party in 2023

Christmas is just 3 months away and it is that time of the year to start planning your end of year celebrations! Soon enough we will start to hear ‘All I want for Christmas is You’ by Mariah Carey at every shopping mall which you will either love it or hate it. One thing about planning any event is to definitely start as early as you can and planning for a corporate event you definitely are not alone as you have many other planners planning their company parties. So don’t fret, we will help you guide your way into easy planning for the best corporate Christmas party in 2023.

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Step 1: Budget Appropriately (Unless you have a huge budget!!) 

Firstly, you need to find out exactly what your money is spending before you can go around looking for venues, ideas and more! Once you find your budget, it will determine the size and scale of your party and help you create a more detailed plan on how exactly you will be spending on each aspect of the event.

Step 2: Choosing a date

Choosing an appropriate date can be a hassle especially for larger corporations with over 100 plus employees. For companies with less employees, it could be a bit easier and you could perhaps create a poll with several potential dates or be the assertive planner you are and decide on the date yourself. When choosing a date, you should always consider a Friday or even a Saturday since you don’t want anyone calling in sick with a hangover. Once a date has been set, it is vital to send out invitations ahead of time so you can get early confirmations on the exact number of guests attending. 

 Step 3: Finding venue 

The budget and the dates has been checked off, now you need to start looking for a suitable location. Whether you have a small group or large group of people, it should be able to cater to your needs. For a large amount of guests, it is recommended to hire out a private function venue for a Christmas dinner or cocktail event but if you are planning for a small company. You can be different with ideas like Go Karting, boat party, picnic day, bowling and more! The choice of the venue should align with your budget to ensure you are not going over budget and spending wisely for other aspect of the event such as food and drinks, decor and more.

Step 4: Picking a theme

Choosing a theme is only optional if you want make your Christmas party even more fun! Whether it is a decor theme, attire theme, the ideas are endless! You can go for a formal winter wonderland Christmas theme, ugly Christmas sweater party, Holiday movie themed and many more ideas to choose from! Once a theme has been chosen, there are other aspects to consider especially if you’re holding it at a private function venue. These aspects can include things like chairs, tables, decorations, and other rentals required to create your vision. If you do require any furniture hire, at Event Hire Sydney, we have an extensive range of furnitures that is suitable for any type of event. Our Glow furniture range is the perfect furniture for your upcoming Christmas event as it is unique and everybody loves a good glow in the dark theme!

Step 5: Food and Drinks Catering

Now the exciting part, Foood! Everybody loves food and hopes to get a good meal out of these type of events so choosing a good meal is the essential! Most venues do offer in-house catering which could be the ideal choice in terms of your budget or you can go with an external caterer. Firstly, you need to think about the kind of set up, whether that is a coursed meal, a buffet or finger food. When sending out your invitations, you should ask each employee to write down any dietary requirements in case of allergies and such when they have RSVP.  This way you could also know if it is best to choose a coursed meal, buffet or snack finger food. Of course, at a party full of working adults, there needs to be drinks and alcohol so your attendees can enjoy the night/day. If you can afford an open bar, this would a nice add on for the attendees or otherwise. Non-alcoholic drinks such as water, juices and soft drinks can be for free and any alcohol, your attendees can pay at a lower price. 

Step 6: Have Fun!

Enjoy a night/day filled with laughter and fun memories! Don’t forget to take pictures for the memories and instagram!! 

Christmas dinner party

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