Everything you need to know about slushie machine hire

At one point, we all had the childhood dream of having a frozen slushie machine at our birthday party. What better way to impress your friends and be the talk of the playground! Whether it’s a children’s birthday party, family get-together or a special occasion, slushie machines are a great addition to any event. Here’s everything you need to know when planning our Slushie Machine.

Choose from single, double or triple slushie bowl


Everyone had different tastes and of course you can’t accomodate for them all. It is a good idea to have more than one slushie drink flavour option available for your event. At Event Hire Sydney, you can choose between single, double or triple bowl machines (each bowl holds one drink flavour) and enjoy the choice of 50 flavours.

One bowl generally serves around 60 cups and we also have pre-purchase refill options available. Check out our page for more information of the servings for each slushie bowl we have.

Ensure you have safe access to power

Your slushie machine will require power access to operate, which is an important consideration for where you place your machine and the thoroughfare around it. All power cords are water-resistant, but it’s still extremely important that your electric power source is in a dry area without interference. If using extension cords, make sure that these are covered with waterproof casing and securely fastened to the ground so guests don’t trip over. Parents of young children should also be mindful of curious fingers and playing anywhere near electrics.

Cups and straws

At Event Hire Sydney, cups and straws are provided based on the drinks package ordered. You may prefer though to use reusable cups, or wine glasses for a fancier touch! If your event is themed, glassware can be a fun and easy way to add to this, and it’s a bonus if you can make it an environmentally friendlier option!


Allow 1 hours for the slushie mix to prepare

A common mistake that hosts make is not allowing for the time it takes for your slushie mixture to prepare. To get the best consistency and be sure your slushie mixture is icy cool, you’ll need to allow 2 hours for the machine to work it’s magic mixing. This is so the mixture has time to rotate through a cooling process, to be served at the perfect minus 3 degrees celsius temperature!

Self-service slushies or a bartender

Whilst having a self-service slushie machine makes the party hosting extra convenient, you may want to consider having a bartender or dedicated ‘pourer’ if you’re expecting a lot of guests. It’s never ideal to have queues or lines, of which having someone hands on with the serving can help keep things efficiently moving.


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