Glow Lounge Suite Hire


Width 320cm
Depth 88cm
Height 68cm
Price $150.00
Description Glow lounge suite consists of 1x straight and 2x end pieces joined
Usage A stunning lounge set perfect for any large space indoors or outdoors

Glow lounge hire is a great way to provide some casual seating for your next event. Our glow lounges can be made to any size you like, using a combination of straight and end pieces.

  • Choose from 16 different colour options
  • Includes remote control.
  • Choose from different modes such as fade, strobe or a fixed colour
  • Price includes 1 x straight couch pieces, 2 x end pieces

The glow lounges are all wireless, and have an internal LED battery that lasts between 6-8 hours. They come with a remote that allows you to choose from 16 colours. You can set the glow lounges to all one colour, or you can have multiple colours. You can choose a fade, strobe, fixed colour or have a slow or fast transition between colours.