Glow Curved Bench Hire


Width 40cm
Depth 40cm
Height 44cm
Price $70.00
Description A curve bench seating 2-3, can be joined together to create patterns
Usage A few can be joined together to create semi-circle or snake shape

The Glow Bench Hire will certainly bring a wow factor to your next evening event. Each glow bench can comfortably seat 2 adults. They can be scattered around or joined up to form a long bench. They can also be placed to form a semi circle or full circle.

You can combine the Glow Bench hire this with glow cubes or coffee tables to create funky neon seating areas. Our glow furniture hire is great for birthday parties and corporate events.

The Glow Bench Hire Features:

  • Multiple benches can be placed to make semi-circles, circles and snake-like patterns
  • Interchangeable colours which can be changed with a remote control
  • Long-lasting internal battery so you don’t see any cords

All Glow furniture hired is battery powered, so there is no need to run lengthy power leads. The batteries last up to approximately 6-8 hours. Each glow piece is operated by a remote control which has multiple settings of colour control and style. Our glow furniture is easy to operate and light weight to carry.

The Glow Bench Hire comes fully charged prior to delivery for you to enjoy.