Clear Ghost Stool Hire


Width 42.5cm
Depth 42.5cm
Height 66cm to seat, 76cm overall
Price $18.00
Description An elegant, modern, stylish and sleek stool complimenting your event
Usage Used for makeup tutorials, fashion shows and classy cocktail events

Introducing the Clear Ghost Stool Hire or also known as the Victorian Stool for your next event in Sydney, our ghost stool  is a modern style stool for your event.

This stool is made with clean sleek lines and because it’s clear it doesn’t steal the spotlight from your carefully planned event.

As the stools are transparent, they also give a feeling that these stools don’t take up much room in an event space so that your function space doesn’t feel crowded. If this stool isn’t for you check out our stool hire Sydney page for other options.