Bain Marie Hire – 28L


Width 67.5 cm
Depth 55.5 cm
Height 30.5 cm
Price $100.00
Description 28L Countertop Bain Marie with 4x Half Size Pans & Lids
Usage Our bain marie hire is perfect to hire for buffet style catered lunches and dinner functions.

Need to keep your dishes warm for your next lunch or dinner event?

Our Bain Marie Hire is ideal for any type of functions with food catering involved. Functions such as weddings, corporate events, school functions, food stalls and many more.

Our Bain Marie Hire is a versatile and practical equipment that can keep your food warm for extended period of times, perfect for buffet style functions.

Our Bain Marie hire comes with 4 x half size gastronorm pans and lids so you can keep 4 different dishes nice and warm. Made from durable stainless steel, the Bain Marie is easy to clean and operate.

Bain Marie Features:

  • Capacity 28L
  • Dimensions: 305mm H x 675mm W x 555mm D
  • Weight: 20kg
  • Comes with 4 x half size 100mm pan & lid – 28L
  • Ideal for counter top use
  • Tap for easy drainage
  • Requires voltage of 230V
  • Power Type 1 x 10amp plug
  • Brand: Roband