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  • Orange Tolix Stool

    Orange Tolix stool hire

    Width 43cm
    Depth 43cm
    Height 76cm
    Price $15.00
    Description An industrial yet classy look in orange for your next cocktail event
    Usage Compliments our cocktail tables perfectly for any cocktail event
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  • black stool

    Black Ghost Stool Hire

    Width 42.5cm
    Depth 42.5cm
    Height 66cm to seat, 76cm overall
    Price $18.00
    Description An elegant, modern, stylish and sleek stool complimenting your event
    Usage Used for makeup tutorials, fashion shows and classy cocktail events
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  • Turquoise Wire Stool / Turquoise Arrow Stool Hire

    Turquoise Wire Stool Hire

    Width 35cm
    Depth 75cm
    Height 78cm to seat, 110cm overall
    Price $19.00
    Description Wire stool with comfortable back/foot rest providing style and comfort
    Usage Used with cocktail tables, bars or sits perfectly with our tapas tables
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  • glow stool 

    Glow Stool Hire

    Width 38cm
    Depth 38cm
    Height 80cm
    Price $30.00
    Description A Modern glow stool with a cut out section as a footrest
    Usage Perfect with our glow cocktail table at your next cocktail event
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