LED furniture

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  • glow cube hire

    Glow Open Cube Hire

    Width 41cm
    Depth 41cm
    Height 41cm
    Price $35.00
    Description A versatile glowing open cube to place your drinks or decorative
    Usage Used for beverages, centrepieces, decorative showcase cubes or wall
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  • glow sphere seat

    Glow Sphere Chair Hire

    Width 50cm
    Depth 50cm
    Height 50cm
    Price $40.00
    Description A funky one seater with flat base with cut outs for seating
    Usage Scatter them across your event space or pair them with coffee tables
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  • glow pillar

    Glow Pillars Hire

    Width 39cm
    Depth 39cm
    Height 114cm
    Price $40.00
    Description Great for lighting entrance way or as a decorative piece
    Usage Can use for decorative or can place small lightweight items on top
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  • glow cube 

    Glow Cube Hire

    Width 40cm
    Depth 40cm
    Height 40cm
    Price $40.00
    Description A comfortable classic cubed option of glow seating for any event
    Usage A versatile glow furniture suitable for seating or as a coffee table
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  • glow coffee table

    Glow Large Yoyo Coffee Table Hire

    Width 80cm
    Depth 70cm
    Height 50cm
    Price $60.00
    Description A bigger yoyo shaped coffee table that can illuminate various colours
    Usage Goes with other glow seating option, perfect as a table for drinks
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  • glow sphere

    Glow Sphere Hire – 60cm

    Width 60cm
    Depth 60cm
    Height 60cm
    Price $60.00
    Description Large decorative Glowing Sphere at 60cm circumference
    Usage Great alone as a decorative item or a few together in different sizes
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  • curved glow bar to hire 

    Curved Glow Bar Hire

    Width 130cm
    Depth 57cm
    Height 115cm
    Price $150.00
    Description A straight glow bar that has a storage area for drinks or ice
    Usage Can join 3 together for semi-circle or 6 for a full circle bar
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