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  • smoke machine hire

    Smoke Machine Hire

    Width 12cm
    Depth 25cm
    Height 17cm
    Price $40.00
    Description Disperses smoke out of machine with a switch, includes smoke fluid
    Usage Great for parties, performances, Halloween, works well with lights
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  • bubble machine hire

    Bubble Machine Hire

    Width 25cm
    Depth 23cm
    Height 23cm
    Price $45.00
    Description Disperses bubbles out of machine with a switch, includes 1L bubble fluid
    Usage Great for any event such as wedding ceremonies, kids parties and more
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  • dry ice machine to hire 

    Dry Ice Machine with Operater Hire

    Width 51cm
    Depth 47cm
    Height 47cm
    Price $495.00
    Description Dry Ice machine with trolley, 10kg of dry ice and operator included
    Usage Used for weddings; first dance or bridal entrance, lasts 3-5 mins
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  • dry sparkler to hire for parties

    Dry Spark Sparklers Hire

    Width 20cm
    Depth 20cm
    Height 27cm
    Price $1000.00
    Description Up to 6 machines, spark height 1-5m, one off use or continuous 3-5min
    Usage Used commonly for wedding first dance, grand entrance, farewell
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