Audio and Speaker Hire
We have a large selection of audio and speaker hire, from simple PA systems for standard events, right through to large systems for corporate events, dance parties and festivals. For basic parties, our DIY party sound packs are ideal and include everything you need to play music from an iPad, iPhone or laptop. They are very easy to use and it’s as simple as plugging in a couple of cables. Our driver will do this for you if you get them delivered, or if you collect from our warehouse our friendly staff will show you how to do it. They cater for up to 100 guests, and you can add additional speakers if you want more sound.

Event Hire Sydney also provides comprehensive PA systems. You can choose from a corded microphone PA, or a wireless system for extra flexibility. We have systems suitable for small functions, right up to large events. You can add additional speakers to cater to larger audiences and bigger event spaces.

We also hire out battery-powered speakers for events where you don’t have access to power, and this is an ideal option for outdoor events and weddings. This system allows you to connect a microphone for speeches, and also has a port to connect an iPad, laptop or phone for music.

If you’re unsure about which audio option is best suited for you, feel free to call us and get some expert advice from our sales team who will advise which sound system is best suited for your requirements. A setup service is available for an hourly charge should you require an audio technician to set up a large system for your event.

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