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At Woronora Party Hire we are experts at optimizing space and how best to layout a small space to cater for your guests, we have given it a lot of thought especially since we have been in this industry for over 10 years!

Just because you have a small space to work with doesn’t mean that you are limited by what chair hire, table hire and other furniture options at Woronora Party Hire.

The key is to be smart in your setup, the fundamental step is to hire items that are practical but also extremely versatile with a small footprint so that you can make the most of your space.

A chair hire option that fits into all that is our glow twisted cubes as they double up as a seat or a coffee table so your guests will help themselves to one of the two choices depending on what is happening during your event.

Our Glow twisted cube is a funkier version of our standard glow cube and comes precharged and cleaned so its all ready to go for your event, you can have it rotating across all the colours available or set it to a colour that works well with your event.

Our most popular table hire in Woronora is our glow mini yoyo coffee table, they work the same as the glow bongo seat but the glow mini yoyo coffee table looks like a miniature yoyo coffee table that your guests can place their drinks down so they are more comfortable.

Did you know that Woronora Party Hire also stocks a range of other items as well?

At Woronora Party Hire besides table hire and chair hire we also stock slushie machines, they are always a great addition to any type of party as it gives your guests a novelty besides your standard drinks that you are serving, our packages start from 60 serves and we have over 50 flavours for you to pick.

You can even add alcohol to the mix to make it an alcoholic beverage or you can always serve mocktails.

Check out our range of hire items for Woronora area and surrounds today and start planning your event.

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