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When an organization holds events that are in a public space there are many factors that need to be considered, some of them include getting permits to have your event at this venue or outdoor space, other things that need to be considered are simple things like parking and public transport for your guests to get to and from your event.

In some large events you may have to speak to local transport authorities to organise additional public transport for your guests or alternatively your event may need certain road closures due to the large scale and scope of your event.

Waverley Party Hire delivers chair hire, table hire and other event hire within Bronte Beach, Queens Park, Bondi, Randwick, Clovelly beach, Gordons bay, Woollahra, North Bondi, Kensington and Tamarama Beach.

Some of our popular items that are hired on a regular basis for outdoor events are our pop-up marquees, they come in a few different sizes and are usually great as being used for shade for employees or guests.

Our pop-up marquee is in a white colour, so it is great when the weather is warmer so that the rooves of the pop-up marquee don’t trap the heat and make your guests more uncomfortable.

At Waverley Party Hire our pop up marquee is held down by weights or it can be pegged down into the ground, both options are available depending on what your surroundings are and which would be more suitable.

Chair hire in Waverley and surrounds is also another item that gets hired along with our pop up marquees, the most popular and practical chair hire for Waverley Party Hire is our white plastic stackable chair as it works best for many outdoor settings and is the most economical.

Table hire for events in Waverley and other nearby suburbs is always vital to ensure that you have some tables to form registration tables for public events for like city2surf or to place food and other items so that your guests can be comfortable.

Our 1.8m plastic trestle tables are the best for outdoor events as they are lightweight and can be easily moved around yet they are also very sturdy with their metal framing and legs, best of all they are our most economical table and also fold down flat so can be easily carried to different areas throughout the day if this is necessary.

Waverley Party Hire is proud to say that we encourage fundraisers and other similar organizations and we understand that there are always budget restraints so to assist you and show our support we have an overall discount applied to all charities and fundraisers so that we are able to support a majority of fundraisers.

Give a call to Waverley Party Hire today and let us help you make your event happen!

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