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Unlike other party hire services, we at Mount Druitt Party Hire understand that everyone has different needs and requirements that is why we don’t has much limitations for our customers such as no restrictions on how much our customers need to spend.

By setting a budget this helps us know what can be achieved and how much of your budget should be allocated to different aspects of your event, in other words it puts many things in perspective and can help you set realistic goals.

Mount Druitt Party Hire doesn’t have a set window of delivery and can be flexible to our customers for a small fee for any out of hours work or additional labour work if you need extra assistance, we also deliver 7 days a week as there are always events happening everywhere and we wouldn’t want to miss out on taking a part of your event.

Almost every event will need the fundamentals of furniture hire for their event which will always come in a form of seating for their guests and table hire for guests to eat off or for you to place food for your guests to self-serve or other items like beverages.

The most popular chair hire in Mount Druitt is our glow bongo seats, they are a part of our glow furniture range and gives a great funky vibe to all types of party.

One of our popular table hire in Mount Druitt and surrounding areas is the glow cocktail table, they are great for having them spread out across your backyard or event space and allows your guests to mingle with somewhere for them to place their drinks.

If you want some additional items for décor that is also in our glow furniture range, why not check out our glow spheres in 3 different sizes and also glow pillar? They are great to brighten up an event space and adds another element to your event.

All our glow furniture at Mount Druitt Party Hire comes precleaned and pre-charged, so that your glow furniture is ready to go and you just need to turn it on with the remote and select your choice of colour, a fully charged glow furniture item will last up to 8 hours so that’s more than enough battery life for your event!

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