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McGraths Hill Party Hire services Windsor, Oakville, South Windsor, Clarendon, Richmond, Pitt Town, Wilberforce, Bligh Park, Londonderry, Wilberforce and surrounds on a regular basis and has always been a top choice amongst the locals.

When you are throwing a party there are many things to consider and it’s always important to make a list no matter how small or big your party is.

At McGraths Hill Party Hire some of the hacks that we recommend to our guests to make it easier for their party planning are to first start making a list of everything in the smallest detail to the bigger things, you should also ensure you have RSVP dates, so this ensures that you have enough time to organise catering so that you don’t under cater or over cater for your guests.

Another thing you have to consider is that even when you are having a cocktail party, McGraths Hill Party Hire also recommends that you should still have some seating options for your guests as some things you need to consider are that your guests may become tired towards the end of the night or you may have some guests that may be elderly and need seating.

A great casual seating option that McGraths Hill Party hire offers is the white arrow 3-seater with white cushion, it is a great chair hire option for your event as it can go well with casual or well styled events and offer your guests a comfortable lounge option when you have a cocktail event, or you want to create an informal seating lounge area.

To go with the wire arrow range we also offer many different styles of furniture that can used so that all your furniture is matching, our most popular table hire at McGraths Hill Party Hire in this range is our white arrow coffee table, they are the best compliment to go with our 3-seater arrow chairs and sit at the perfect height when paired together.

Apart from chair hire and table hire we also offer slushie machines, which are always a great hit when the weather is warmer, or you are holding an outdoor event.

Our slushie machine hire is a great addition and novelty for your guests and are suitable for all age groups, you can leave them as is for the kids as a nonalcoholic option or you can always add in alcohol for another drink option for your adult guests.

Have a look at our packages today on our website and talk to us and we can see what competitive pricing we can give you.

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