Party Hire Lilyfied

Leave the stress and headaches behind and let Event Hire Sydney help you plan your party in Lilyfield. We have a team of staff ready to go who are available on the phone or email to help you prepare all the items you need for your party. We have been in the events industry for over a decade so we have the experience to advise you on what items would be required for your party.

One of the most important things when planning a party in Lilyfield is to ensure you have adequate protection from the elements. A marquee is a great place to start if you don’t have an adequate shelter where your event is taking place.

It can offer you shelter from the rain, as well as protect you from winds by adding walls to enclose the marquee. We have a range of marquee sizes available for hire in Lilyfield, and can custom build a marquee to fit into most yards. If you really want to keep warm in the winter, we can also offer heaters to warm the marquee. If your event is in the summer, we can add fans or air conditioning.

Another important factor that can make or break a party is the entrainment. Music is a key part to enhancing the feel good aspect of an event, so you might want to consider some music. We have a range of audio hire options in Lilyfield, such as karaoke and jukebox machines, DIY audio packs that connect to a phone or laptop or perhaps we can organise a DJ for you. If you want to play your own music, then the DIY party packs allow you to connect your own devices. This is a really convenient option and the cheapest too.

If you don’t have the music library available, then you could look at the jukebox and karaoke machines which have over 20,000 songs inbuilt. It also gives guests the luxury of karaoke should you want to add a bit more entertainment.

No matter what type of party you want to create, we can help you bring it to life. Be sure to contact us first for party hire items in Lilyfield, and we can work together to create an amazing event that will be remembered by all.

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