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There are so many things that need to be done when you are planning your event from working out what chair hire, table hire and event hire furniture you need, what food you will be serving, what time it starts and when it finishes, drinks and also your entertainment for the night or day.

Killarney Heights Party hire caters to many private parties and exclusive events in the Northern Suburbs and are essentially your local one stop shop for all your event needs whether you are catering for 20 people or whether you are catering for a few hundred guests, neither is a problem for us.

When it comes to entertainment there will be a few things you need to consider such as how many guests you have, what your budget is and the age group of your guests that you will be entertaining.

For example, if you are having a kid’s party then you will need to provide kids entertainment and your event will go for a shorter time frame compared to an event for adults. Depending on budget you have a few options for entertainment.

You can always hire a DJ or a live band if your budget allows for it, however if you want something more casual or on a more affordable side of things then you can just hire speakers from Killarney Heights Party Hire, if you prefer to have your guests more interactive we also hire our Jukebox and Karaoke Packages.

If your event will be more casual then you may only need to hire a few tables and chairs as your event won’t be a formal sit down function however it is always nice to have the option of having additional tables and chairs so that your guests are comfortable and have somewhere to sit for adults especially if your event has a few elderly guests.

One practical and economical chair hire at Killarney Heights Party Hire is our white plastic stackable chairs, they are cheap as chips, yet they are simple and go with many different types of events.

If you have limited space then a favourite table hire option at Killarney Heights Party Hire would be our stainless steel cocktail table it’s a practical table that your guests can place their drinks down and the cocktail table itself doesn’t take up much floor space so it’s definitely a win-win situation here.

If you want something slightly fancier or more formal for your event, we also have different table and chair hire ranges that would be suitable, just ask our sales team at Killarney Heights Party Hire for some recommendations.

silver stainless steel cocktail table to hire 

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