Party Hire Heckenberg

Event Hire Sydney is just a click away. You can browse our party hire supplies on our website at We provide a delivery service to our customers in Heckenberg and surrounding suburbs such as Green Valley, Bonnyrigg, Mount Pritchard, Busby, Sadleir, and Ashcroft to name a few and we can deliver 7 days a week. 

One of our most popular products is our smoke machines also known as a fog machine, these machines create a foggy haze and is very popular to use on dance floors with lighting machines with effects, as it highlights the light beams.

The smoke machine is also great to use for theatrical purposes or for photoshoots and filming videos, When hiring our smoke machine it comes with a full tank of smoke fluid with creates the smoke effect and lasts over eight hours.

The smoke machines we stock are very easy to use, so you don’t need a professional to operate it, it is as simple as plugging it in and pressing a button to release the smoke.

At Heckenberg Party Hire we do suggest if you are having a party which includes dancing to hire some lighting along with that smoke machine. Lighting is a great way to transform your event space, we stock a range of lighting including par can lights, strobe lights, intelligent lights, red, green and blue lasers or multicoloured laser lights.

Our multi coloured laser is the most popular choice, it shoots out three coloured lasers in red, green and yellow laser beams in different patterns and tunnel effects or a great feature it has is that it can be set so that the lasers will move to the beat of the music, how cool is that !

The multi coloured laser is also very easy to use, simply just plug it into power and turn it on for the beams to appear, the different settings are available to select from to modify the shapes, patterns and effects of the lights. 

So if you are planning a house party in Heckenberg or nearby, get in touch with our sales team on (02) 7229 3298 to book your lighting and effect machines now, Delivery or Pick up from our warehouse is available. 

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