Party Hire Hebersham

Planning an event in Western Sydney in the suburb of Hebersham? Event Hire Sydney can help with all the party hire supplies you need for your event. Whether you are looking for shelter such as a full-scale marquee, or extra furniture such as tables and chairs. We keep a large range of hire products in stock to ensure that our customers have the convenience of finding everything they need in the one place. 

Planning to organise a large scale party and need to hire quite a lot of items, not to worry!

Drop us an email of items you would like, and our team can create a customised package for you, we can help reduce prices of large quantities and arrange setup and delivery for our customers.

At Hebersham Party Hire we are known to be one of the largest suppliers of Glow Furniture, Our glow twisted cubes is one of the very popular products amongst the glow range we stock. This light up seat can also be used as a small table or just a fun glow item to place around your event space, so if you want something versatile, fun and casual and different to the norm, this is the product for you.

We stock a large quantity of these glow twisted cubes so many packages are available to you. We also provide remotes so you can choose our of the 16 colours available that you wish to set it for the night or to go with your theme or you can select modes where the colours change slowly or fast, whatever your preference may be. 

Another great item we have in our glow range is the Glow Ice Bucket, what a way to serve your drinks in style, They are great for placing wine, beers and non-alcoholic beverages in for your guests. Just like the twisted cubes you can operate the glow buckets with a remote to choose colours and effects. This item will wow your guests.

A great feature about the glow furniture we stock here at Hebersham Party Hire is that the products are battery operated. A rechargeable battery is hidden inside, therefore no ugly power cords will be on show at your event, nor the worry about power access. We deliver the glow products pre charged which gives you up to 8 hours of power, which is suffice for most parties.

Our team at Hebersham Party Hire understand our customers have busy schedules and want to find the best quality and affordable products for your event, rest assured you will find them with us. 

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