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Did you know that Haymarket Event Hire Sydney provides chair hire and table hire on a daily basis to this area and surrounds on a regular basis and is particularly busy towards the weekend and public holidays?

At Haymarket Event Hire Sydney, we are realist and we know that sometimes you just need to hire a few tables and a bunch of chairs for your event instead of buying more furniture and then having the headache of finding a storage space for your new furniture, this is why Haymarket Event Hire Sydney doesn’t have a minimum spend for your basic table hire and chair hire needs.

If its something basic you need, don’t worry we have you covered!

One of the most popular and economical table hire options are our 1.8m plastic trestle tables, they have a sturdy plastic tabletop and metal legs that lock into place, the 1.8m plastic trestle table also folds flat which is great when you have limited space in your apartment or venue.

Most of our table hire options at Haymarket Event Hire Sydney are versatile and can be easily folded down so that it is easy to move around and can be easily stacked once your event finishes ready for us to collect.

One of our popular items at Haymarket Event Hire Sydney is our Slushie machine hire, we have many packages with our single bowl or twin bowl Slushie machine with serves starting from 60 and more!

They are always a party favourite and are perfect for all types of events, we provide everything you need including the machine, cups, straws and the syrup to make your drinks, if you want to make it alcoholic then just add in your own alcohol of your choice once the drink is frozen.

Apart from table hire and Slushie machine hire we also provide black padded folding chairs which are comfortable with its padded seat and most importantly for someone that has limited space, the black padded chairs fold down and lay flat so can be easily stacked.

The black padded chairs at Haymarket Event Hire Sydney are always a favourite as it’s so versatile and can be used for different types of events.

At Haymarket Event Hire Sydney, we deliver chair and table hire daily to Haymarket and surround suburbs such as Darling Square, Chinatown, Central, Central Park Mall, World Square, Museum, Darlinghurst, Darling Harbour, King Street Wharf and Surry Hills.

Have a look at our website and see what else you need and we can always provide some suggestions if you are unsure of what you need or what works well with limited spaces.

black padded folding chairs to hire 

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