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Sometimes when you are organizing an event there are many things you need to consider, for instance you may need to decide whether your event will need additional furniture if you are holding your event at home.

Unless you hold events almost every weekend or monthly you may not have enough furniture at home to cater for your event, or you may not have the extra space for storage to store the extra furniture that comes out on for your special events.

At times like this, the most practical thing to do is to find a event hire business that is reliable and trustworthy and best of all they are fair priced for you to hire the chair hire, table hire or other furniture and equipment you need for your event, by hiring it works out cheaper for you in some instances rather than purchasing the additional items you need as the cost to hire will only be a small fraction of the price to purchase.

At Cromer Party Hire we deliver to Cromer and surrounding suburbs around Narraweena, Beacon Hill, Brook Vale, Dee Why, Collaroy Plateau, Collaroy, Narrabeen, Elanora Heights, Oxford Falls and Frenches Forest.

The most popular chair hire that is always a favourite at Cromer Party Hire is our white padded folding chairs, they are our most stylish and budget friendly folding chair that we have to offer, you can either use it for casual events or they fit right into special occasions too like weddings, engagements, kitchen teas and everything in between.

At Cromer Party Hire our favourite table hire would have to be our 1.8m timber trestle tables, they are sturdy with their timber top surface and is the best option to utilize the space you have available, best of all our trestle table hire you can join them together at the ends so that you can create long dining tables for your events.

Cromer Party Hire also hires out commercial grade linen for hire, they come washed and pressed ready for each event, best thing is that after your event all you need to do is just gather them all together and place it in a bag ready for collection and we will collect the linen and wash and press them ready for the next event again.

Its small things like that at Cromer Party Hire which we like to think of and cater towards your needs, which is also just one of the other reasons as to why we are always a preferred supplier for more than just your table and chair hire needs for everyone’s events.

trestle tables with white tablecloth linen to hire 

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