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At Centennial Park Party Hire we have been looking after this region and surrounds like Kensington, Randwick, Zetland, Fearnley Grounds, The Entertainment Quarter, Surry Hills, Bondi Beach, Bronte, Darlinghurst and Alexandria for over a decade and continue to be a preferred supplier.

When it comes to planning an event around a venue or in a public space there is a lot of detail and planning that goes into it as it becomes a bit more complicated when you have to ensure that you have permission to hold your event at this outdoor venue and comply by their regulations, especially if the venue is owned by Council or it is heritage listed.

Some venues will require you to have certain chair hire or table hire that won’t damage or may sink into their grasslands or if it is heritage listed it may restrict you on access and how far you may park and unload your hire items so that vehicles or trolleys wont damage the venue.

Being in this industry for so long, Centennial Park Party Hire is an expert at handling these situations, this is why our sales team are always great to speak to so that they can speak to you in detail on what can and cannot be done or if there are any restrictions.

What some clients don’t think of especially when they are not in the events industry is that there may be a certain bump in or bump out time that you can access due to another event that may happen before or after your event as some venues will have a fast turnover of events that at times they may hold more than 3 events in one day.

A chair hire that is popular for Centennial Park Party Hire is our gold tiffany chair with white cushion, this chair is perfect for venues and also heritage listed sites as it radiates elegant and class and goes well with many themes and events such as engagements, special birthdays and wedding receptions.

Our Gold Tiffany chair is also stackable and have a faux leather plush cushion rather than fabric cushions like some of our competitors, so that there is no staining and can be easily wiped off with our faux leather cushion.

Centennial Park Party Hire also provides many table hire options to compliment your chair hire with us, Often our round banquet tables are a good combination with our Gold Tiffany chairs with white cushions.

Our round banquet tables are 1.8m in diameter and are made of a sturdy wooden tabletop with metal legs, these tables also fold down flat so that it can be packed away in a corner or storage till you need the tables or for pick up.

If you are having a special event like a wedding don’t forget to have a look at Centennial Park party Hire wedding hire range as we specialize in wedding hire, we have a large variety of items and can be your one stop shop.

Have a look at Centennial Park Party Hire’s Wedding arch for hire, or our wooden hairpin signing table. All of our furniture matches so it’s very easy for you to get everything from one supplier for your special day.

white tiffany chair for a wedding to hire

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