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Cabarita Party Hire has always believed that a successful event is when your guests are having a great time and that you got the best value for money for many items such as your venue hire if you are hiring a venue, chair hire, table hire, event hire furniture, food and beverages and everything else in between.

In terms of furniture, it’s crucial that you have chairs and tables for your guests to sit and eat on. You should allow at least a chair for each guest. Depending on the function, you can hire a chair to suit your occasion.

A simple plastic chair will usually suffice at most occasions. If it is a more important event, you can look at more elegant and classy chairs such as tiffany chairs, wedding chairs or tolix furniture.
Table hire is also important if you are providing food at your party. If you want to have a party on a budget, then you can see what tables you have lying around at home.

If you don’t have enough suitable tables, or want to keep your tables consistent, then the cheapest option is to hire a trestle table. Plastic trestles are easy to set up and one of the cheapest items you can hire for your party, and it’s cheaper and easier to hire a table rather than buy it for a one-off event.

Cabarita Party Hire always recommend to their clients to choose their hire items carefully whether it’s essential or if it’s a want, and most importantly whether it will be excessive for your event, most of the time you can strategically place your chair hire and table hire so that it doesn’t seem like you have gone overboard but yet it looks perfect.

Our most popular and eye catching table hire option at Cabarita Party Hire is our glow bar, it definitely stands out and your guests will never lose sight of where they can get a refill on their drink, our glow bars come precharged and cleaned and lasts up to 8 hours, you can have them by itself or join them together to create a bigger space.

Our glow bars come in straight, curved or corner pieces, if your budget and space allow you can always get a few together to create a bigger bar area for your bar staff to serve drinks to your guests.

Another great glow furniture option at Cabarita Party Hire is our glow snake benches also known as glow curve benches, they are always a talking point as you can have them alone or join a few together and it creates a snake like shape, it also helps to divide the space up a bit more as well or use it as a talking point and ensure your guests are comfortable, each bench seats 2-3 guests comfortably.

Have a look at our other glow furniture hire items today.

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