PA System Hire

At Event Hire Sydney, we have an extensive range of PA systems, and audio speaker hire. This ranges from simple, easy-to-use PA systems for simple events, right through to large PA systems for corporate events, dance parties, and festivals. Whatever your PA system hire needs are, Event Hire Sydney has you covered.

For most functions and parties, our DIY party PA system sound packs are a popular hire option. With everything you need to play music from an iPad, iPhone or laptop included, a simple set-up (just plug in a few cables), and being extremely easy to use, the DIY PA system hire an ideal choice.

If you get our PA system hire delivered, our driver will happily help you set up. If you choose our warehouse pick-up option, our staff will be able to show you how easy the PA system set up is.

A standard PA system hire can cater for up to 100 guests, and if you want more sound, you can easily add additional speakers to your package for a small extra fee.

At Event Hire Sydney, all the services and possible extras you might need for your PA system hire is covered. Our team will help you to tailor your PA system hire based on your unique needs. Choose from a corded microphone, or a wireless PA system if you need extra flexibility. Our PA systems are suitable for small functions to large events, audiences and spaces.

A Little More About Our Speaker Hire

Choosing the right speaker hire package can be difficult and daunting for someone that needs an audio solution but doesn’t have any experience when it comes to hiring a sound system. We have tried to make it as simple as possible on our site, but here is a bit of further explanation:

Powered speaker- a powered speaker is the most common audio hire option. It is a speaker that has a built in amplifier, that is ready to plug into a mixer, that you can connect a CD player, ipod, iphone or computer to. This type of speaker offers a bass speaker and a top end tweeter speaker, which allows bass to be produced at the bottom of the speaker, and crystal clear lyrics and music at the top of the speaker. It is a great speaker for playing any audio.

We offer a 12inch and 15 inch powered speaker hire. Depending on how many guests you have, and the size of the room your function is in, you can decide which speaker is more suited for you. The 15inch version offers a bit more sound.

Sub woofer speaker- this speaker purely puts out a large bass output. It is mainly used for events where you really want a big bass push. Concerts, dance parties, school discos, big birthday parties or corporate events. You wouldn’t just hire a sub woofer speaker without using a top end powered speaker, as you would just have a strong base line but no melody or lyric output

Our sub range comes in a single, or dual sub range for maximum bass.

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