Trendy Party Hire Options You Need to Know

Planning a memorable event involves more than just choosing a venue and sending out invites. It’s about curating an experience that dazzles your guests and creates lasting memories. With the evolving landscape of party planning, exploring trendy party hire options can take your celebration to the next level.

Neon Signs and Light Installations

Brighten up your event with vibrant neon signs or eye-catching light installations. These installations to your party adds a trendy and Instagram-worthy touch to any gathering.  At Event Hire Sydney, we have a wide array of party lights and neon sign! Adding party lights to your event will transform your space into a real party atmosphere. Good lighting can brighten up any dull room and get the excitement going. Our range includes laser lights, intelligent lights, Par can lights and more. These party lights are great for events that has a dance floor as these lights can move to the beat of the music. Though our Par Cans do not move to the music, it is often used as ambient lighting. It provides a wash of bright light set to any colour you desire. With our Neon sign, we have two styles that will suit two different occasions; a romantic engagement affair or a party disco event. Our “All You Need is Love” neon sign is a romantic LED sign that will look amazing at engagement parties, bridal showers, themed events and more. For those looking to enhance their disco party. We have the LED sign scripted “Let’s Party” which has a warm white light for an inviting and relaxing vibe.

lets party sign attach to a white mesh backdrop with gold and black balloon arrangements. A table with a chocolate fountain

Statement Furniture

Gone are the days of standard seating arrangements. Think low seating, floor cushions, draped fabrics, and earthy textures. These setups provide a relaxed ambiance for guests to mingle and unwind in comfort. Adding Lounge pieces to your event is a great statement furniture piece that will add to the wow factor. Trendy parties now embrace statement furniture that sets the tone for the entire event. Statement furniture includes plush lounges, elegant cocktail bars, and unique seating options like bean bags or deck chairs. Furniture becomes a canvas to express your party’s vibe, whether it’s a chic lounge area or a retro-inspired seating arrangement. For a chic lounge area or an elegant seating affair, we offer a wide range of sofa and ottoman. From velvet ottoman stools to wire lounges, these furnitures will bring your party to the next level. You can mix and match our range such as the White velvet ottoman bench with our White velvet ottoman stool. For more coastal or bohemian vibe, our colonial rattan sofa lounge range are an amazing choice. Available in natural, black and white, these sofa lounges calls for a relaxed summer beach vibes.

white wire sofa lounge and arm chair with a white rectangle coffee table

Food and Beverage Stations

Create an amazing food and beverage station at your event. These stations becomes a focal point, elevating the overall party ambiance. Moving beyond traditional catering with interactive food stations. You can add refreshing slushie machines and cocktail machine to your event. With many different flavours to choose from, your guests will enjoy the various flavoured slushie you provided. Catering hot dishes at your event? Consider hiring our Bain Marie that will maintian your dishes nice and warm for an extended period of time. Our food warmers includes 4 pans so you have 4 different dishes to keep warm. Considering these is especially great for guests who will arrive late and ensures they receive warm catered foods. Add a bit of fun by hiring our popping Popcorn Machine. Suitable for all ages, our popcorn machine will elevate your party to the next level. Offering out of the norm catered food at an event. 

people grabbing food at a buffet

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