Trend For Outdoor Weddings Increases In Sydney

Wedding celebrants across New South Wales confirm the trend of outdoor weddings is continuing to grow in momentum. This trend is being fuelled by the recently passed legislation, post the ‘yes’ vote allowing same sex marriages, and of course the event of Corona virus is seeing a high percentage of these weddings electing to hold the ceremony and reception at an ‘open air’ wedding.

outdoor weddings

Traditional weddings over the years have been large and lavish events requiring specialist caterers, bespoke interior venue settings and their management all being arranged by organisers to ensure it is professionally managed and the occasion is stress free for everyone involved.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics in their last survey on weddings noted that there is in the order of 116,000 weddings across Australia. This number of weddings are seeing many choosing to have their wedding ceremony and reception at a beach or park location, even at a friend’s home to create an outdoor event to remember. Couples are engaging specialist hire companies like ourselves to provide everything required from marquee & white tiffany chair through to mobile catering equipment.

There is a trend to even higher levels of sophistication at weddings in 2018 with wedding organisers looking for the edge to make their wedding event the most memorable. We have an established reputation of keeping abreast of changing equipment trends that people want to hire. For this reason, we watch closely what advancements are made on the international scene by technology and theatrical prop providers, so they can incorporate these in our offering for organisers to consider for that ‘something special’ they are arranging.

outdoor weddings

For over ten years we have been providing all requirements for a great and memorable wedding. We can hire everything from an experienced DJ, right through to dry ice ‘smoke’ machines and lighting to create the illusion of the couple walking on a white cloud on a white carpet runway. We can assist arrange any one-off, specially requested features, that wedding organisers may require. We are also very happy to give advice to those doing DIY outdoor events such as giving links like this to terrific New South Wales National Park venues that can be hired.

outdoor wedding hire

Event Hire Sydney is a specialist at hiring a range of equipment for an extensive range of parties and functions. We have been in the events industry for over ten years, offering a range of individual specialised services and equipment hire. The company was formed to offer a comprehensive range of products and services in the one place, to offer greater convenience and more competitive price points, especially for larger events.

Event Hire Sydney can supply any outdoor wedding requirements, whether it be a small get together, or a large-scale event with hundreds in attendance. No occasion is too big or too small.



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