Tips for hiring a Frozen Cocktail Machine

Who says slushie machines are just for the kids? Hiring slushie machines as cocktail mixers is becoming a popular party choice, and is a favourite for both the guests and the host! Whether you’re looking to just spike the red slushie with some vodka or want to get fancy and have some frozen margaritas on tap, cocktail slushie machines are a fun addition to any event. Here are our top tips  to keep in mind for planning your machine.


Have a floor plan handy to decide where to place the cocktail machine

There are a few logistic elements to consider with hiring your cocktail slushie machine, including access to power, surrounding thoroughfare and where the machine is placed in relation to other parts of your event space, i.e. eating area, dance floor, bathrooms etc. Having a floor plan ready will make deciding on this much easier.

When creating the floor plan for your event, a good tip is to consider where people will be during different stages of your event. For example, if you’re planning a sit down meal, your guests are more likely to congregate around the bar area after they’ve eaten, whereas for a cocktail and canapés event that is standing, your guests will be circling around the room and hanging around bar tables. This will influence where you set up serving areas for drinks and foods, as you’ll need to consider where people will be moving and mingling.

Consider the strength of the cocktail mix, in proportion to the served cup sizes

We don’t want to sound like the party police here, but this is actually a very important detail. Part of the novelty of a cocktail slushie machine is in fact the frozen slushie drink itself, and you don’t want to be deterring people from being able to enjoy this if the drink is spiked too strong. You may also have guests who are driving or monitoring the number of standard drinks they’re consuming, therefore we recommended keeping to the ingredient ratios and not being too generous on the alcohol pour!

Include a non-alcoholic option

Whether there’s children at your event or adults who don’t drink, having a non-alcoholic beverage option with your machine will ensure your event feels inclusive for everyone. A good idea is to label all your drink options so people know the menu before they’re served, this will also keep any queues or wait times to a minimum.

Go green with reusable cups and straws

With a growing trend in using less plastic, having reusable cups and straws is a great way to reduce waste and means less to clean up afterwards! If using wine glasses, a fun idea is to provide glass charms which are like little wine glass identifiers that clip onto the stem or the glass edge so you know which one is yours!

Choose from single, double or triple serve machine packages

You can hire your cocktail slushie machine to serve single. double or triple mix batches. If you want to offer a variety of flavours, the triple batch is a good recommendation to be able to provide two alcoholic and one non-alcoholic choice. Each mix takes one hour to prepare, so if you expect your guests to take to the slushies pretty quickly, having a variety of choices is a way to ensure you have enough for when the party is getting started!

Mix and match flavours to your taste

Event Hire Sydney provides a variety of flavours to choose from, all with refills available. Alcohol isn’t included in the packages, but varieties are recommended to match flavours with. If you prefer frozen cocktail, you’ll have a wide range of choices with Event Hire Sydney. Our friendly staff are always happy to help you with recommendations and expert advice.

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