The most common asked questions about audio hire

The task of booking audio equipment for your event can be a bit daunting and most people tend to do it themselves which is cost-effective but researching all details and informations can be quite tedious. Here, we have collated the most common questions we receive at Event Hire Sydney in regards to hiring audio and sound equipments. These include:

  • What Sound equipment specifically do i need to hire?
  • How many speakers will i need?
  • Do I need to have access to electricity or power?
  • Can I hire sound equipment as a package deal?

We’ll answer each of these most frequently asked questions for you below.

What sound equipment specifically do I need to hire?

Usually the most popular equipment for hire are our Speakers, microphones and lighting but this depends on the occasion and requirements of your event.

We have a wide range of PA systems suitable for all occasions, and extra speakers can be added as required. All of our PA systems come with a corded or wireless microphone, depending on your preference.

How many speakers will I need?

The number of speakers you’ll need will vary depending on the size and layout of your room. It is recommended that your speakers are positioned in a central location and elevated, as this ensures the best sound quality to be able to project.

If you’re hosting a party or concert event where the music has deep bass or the dance floor and acoustics are important, it’s strongly recommended that you also add a subwoofer to your speaker.

For most standard functions and events, our DIY party sound pack comes with two speakers and stands. With this you can plug in your laptop, phone or portable device and play your own music and sound.

Do I need to have access to electricity or power?

If you don’t have access to power, or your event is outdoors/remote, we have battery powered speakers also available for hire. With this you’ll be able to connect a microphone for speeches, and also has a port to connect to a laptop, phone or tablet device.

If your event is outdoors/remote or you have no access to power, we have a battery powered speaker in our audio range so you wouldn’t need any power source as it runs through battery and can last up to 10hrs.

At Event Hire Sydney, our Battery Powered Wireless Speaker comes already charged so you can enjoy your big event to the fullest.

Can I hire sound equipment as a package deal?

For a basic party, a DIY sound pack is ideal and includes everything you need to play music from an iPod, phone or laptop. They include a pair of speakers and all necessary cables.

At Event Hire Sydney, we offer great party sound packs with options to customise to suit your needs. If you need to add extra speakers or microphones, we can add these on as required.

Our DIY Sound Pack is the ideal sound pack and includes two speakers, two stands and all the necessary cords. This sound pack includes everything you need to play music from a phone, Iphone or laptop.

We offer other Sound packages that may suit your needs more, go checkout our range.


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