Hiring Red Carpet and Bollards

If you seek an elegant touch for your event, nothing quite matches the allure of a red carpet. We’ve proudly supplied red carpet rentals for major media galas and private parties, including esteemed events like the Aria Awards, blockbuster movie premieres like Sex and the City and The Great Gatsby, and various government functions.
Our red carpets adds a touch of grandeur to your event’s entrance, offering that genuine Hollywood vibe you desire. Available in multiple sizes—3m, 4m, 6m & 7m lengths—our red carpets ensure a glamorous arrival.

To complement the red carpet experience, Event Hire Sydney offers bollards and ropes to cordon off the area. Choose from chrome or gold bollards with matching black or red ropes. In addition to these, we also provide Tensa barriers and white picket fencing for a complete event setup.


red carpet photobooth 



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