Planning a wedding on a budget

When planning a wedding, budget planning is probably one of the biggest stresses. If you are starting to think about venue hire, guests list, wedding dress, catering, music and are giving you anxiety or you are overwhelmed, we have created these trusty tips to keep your nerves in check.

Consider the location and hire

Choosing your own venue where you can hire the required furniture, event decor and structures can be too much and you would rather package deal with your venue but often it is more cost effective and better value for money than being bound to a venue with a “per-head” cost. Read our article on event hire for wedding here.

Keep the guest list to your inner circle

It can be very easy to get carried away inviting everyone that you know, however it’s your day and you aren’t obligated to extend your hospitality so far and wide. Keeping your guest list to family and close friends is become more common and accepted in social circles. A smaller, more intimate wedding with fewer guests is one of the quickest and easiest way to keep the budget down.

Make your own invitations

Making your own invitations aren’t only fun, but is also a clever way to skip a sometimes big and unnecessary expense. Just pop into your local craft shop and get creative with some fancy cardboard, a pair of scissors and let Pinterest guide your inspiration! Another way you can easily make invitations is through Canva. There is a free version of Canva and you can browse through all the templates that you might actually like. You can also get very creative in Canva.

If crafting isn’t really your thing, check out these printable wedding template invitations, buy some nice paper and pop down to your local Officeworks.

However, postage is also an additional cost to consider. If you’d prefer to be more modern and save some extra money, there are plenty of free online options that are popular. Paperless Post lets you customise and curate your own personalised invitations, and also keep track of RSVPs.

If you don’t want to send out hard copy invitations or you can do both, you can make an event on Facebook as it is a great way to keep in touch with your guests rather than individually contact them in case of any updates and changes.

Hire a bar and stock it yourself

Buying alcohol from a venue is a sure way to drive up the expense list. If you have the option to self cater, hire a bar, some glassware and provide your own alcohol will help you save on final costs. Add a few bar tables and hire some high chair bar stools to set a relaxed atmosphere.

Hire your own speakers and plan music yourself

You know what music you like and want to be played on the day, why do you need someone else to play it? Organise your Spotify music playlist, be sure to hire some excellent quality speakers, and the rest is taken care of.

Another idea you can do is ask your guests to give you some music options so everyone can enjoy the music of the night. You can throw in a post on your Facebook event page and you can keep track of everyone’s comments.

Don’t waste money on unnecessary extras

Couples often get carried away with small details, that add up in price and aren’t always necessary. Think about the essentials, i.e. chair hire, tables, lighting, speakers and catering.

Read out “Ultimate wedding planning checklist” to help you sort through priorities.

Have the ceremony and reception at the same place

Transporting between the ceremony and reception is an added cost that can be avoided if the ceremony and reception are held in the same place. It’s also one less thing to think about on the day.

Ask your guests to contribute to a wishing well instead of gifts

Most guests will spend more money on a wedding gift than they would on other occasions. Therefore if there’s not anything that you really need and cash would be more useful to you, it’s worthwhile having a wishing well at your wedding and asking guests to contribute instead of a traditional gift registry. Many guests would prefer the option to give money than buy a gift that will never be used.

Wishing wells are a more subtle and friendly option to have on your wedding, for guests to drop their note and card  and send their best wishes.


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