How a PA System Works

PA system stands for ‘public address’ system that electronically can amplify sound louder than an ordinary person or instrument would be able to naturally. Whilst an amp is usually what receives a signal input, i.e. translates the sound from your instrument or microphone, a PA system generally speaking is the speaker that replays the sound.

A fully equipped PA system will usually include:

  • Loudspeaker
  • Amplifier
  • Mixer
  • Cables
  • Microphones

Some portable PA systems will have a wireless connection to a microphone or music device, whilst others may require cords or AUX connections to receive the sound. This usually will depend on the microphone or device you are using.

At Event Hire Sydney, we have a wide range of PA systems that can be used for weddings, parties, special occasions, and corporate events. Our range can cater from basic package PA systems for smaller group events, up to large, full-scale systems that can be used both inside and outside.

We’ve put together a list of the most common questions we get asked about PA systems. This covers the basics of how a PA system works in theory, to what you need to know when setting up your PA system.

man making a speech with a microphone

How does a PA system work?

The basic and most fundamental job of any PA system is to amplify a microphone through a speaker. Whether your system is corded or wireless, the microphone sound is connected to the speaker to amplify any received signal.

Does a PA system have to be hired with a speaker?

A PA system technically includes a speaker already, so yes, a PA system would include a suitable speaker. The type of speaker included depends on your type of event.

What type of speaker is included in a PA system?

A PA system’s speaker will vary depending on the type of speaker required for the event. For most events, a double speaker party pack is recommended to ensure the best quality and clearest sound in any room or space.

What microphone does a PA system come with?

Modern PA systems should provide a choice of a corded or wireless microphone. Both provide high-quality sound, and your choice will usually depend on the type of event and floor plan.


Can you hire an all in one PA system?

An all-in-one basic system will include a receiver, a microphone, speakers, and speaker stands. You can choose whether to have a wireless or corded mic, as well as wireless or corded speakers. Both wireless microphones and speakers are battery powered and have a physical range or up to 20 metres.

How do I set up a PA system at an event?

All PA systems hired at Event Hire Sydney come with the cords and plugs required. If your PA system is being delivered to your event, our technician will be happy to show and set up the PA system for you. If you’re picking up a PA system from one of our warehouses, our friendly staff can show you how to set it up within minutes.

Are you looking to hire a PA system for your next event? Check out Event Hire Sydney’s range of event hire packages available on our website, and get in touch.


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