Hire a Chocolate Fountain to Entice your Guests

A chocolate fountain is a delicious way to make your dessert interactive. A chocolate fountain works by pushing melted chocolate through an auger system and pipe that drops it down over metal tiers to create a flawless solid looking fountain of chocolate. They come in a range of sizes starting at about 40cm tall, and go right up to 1.2m and hold 12.5kg.

Our rental range of chocolate fountains in Sydney to suited any audience size, from 10 people to over 500. Our chocolate fountain packages includes the most exquisite Belgium chocolate on the market. Our packages also include tasty marshmallows and come with skewers and napkins.

Event Hire Sydney is one of the leading supplier of chocolate fondue in Sydney, so be sure to contact us if you require some expert advice or want to book a package in.


chocolate fountain with marshmallows and fruits 



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