Child friendly wedding ideas

Weddings are very much a celebration of family and friends, and there are many couples who prefer to include children on their guest list. Be it just kids of immediate family, those in the bridal party, or extending the invitation to family friends’ children. A wedding however is a long day which can be especially challenging when you have children who to need to be kept entertained. Here are a few child friendly activity ideas to keep the kids feeling included and occupied.

Allocate Special Jobs on the Day

Giving kids a job to do on your special day will make them feel important and included. It can be anything as simple as helping to usher guests, handing out favours or perhaps even helping serve the food!

Have activities that are specifically kid friendly

Whether it’s a jumping castle, games or an entertainer, having an activity that the kids will get excited about is always a winner. Depending on the space of your venue will influence what kind of entertainment you’d be able to have. Check out our slushie machines and karaoke machine hire. If the kids are busy, the adults can enjoy the night away together with you instead of tending to the children at all times.

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Consider the different age ranges of Younger Guests

Not all the kids will be the same age, and the interests of different ages of children can vary greatly. You’ll need to consider this if booking entertainment, whether it will actually occupy all of them or not.

If possible, it’s helpful to try and have a few groups of different ages, so each of them will have someone to spend time with. Don’t be shy to ask the parents as well for any suggestions

Serve a separate children's menu

Again, depending on the ages, you’ll probably need to consider a separate children’s menu so that you’re not disappointed when the waiters are clearing half empty (or full) plates.

For the younger kids, hire a nanny or baby-sitter for the evening

This can help take the pressure off the parents to have to constantly keep an eye on their child’s whereabouts, and also help having someone or a few people who are able to attend to any of the kids needs at the time. One of your guests may even have a babysitter or friend they can recommend to do the job.

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