Autumn wedding inspiration ideas

Autumn is increasingly becoming a more popular time of year to tie the knot. Usually the Autumn will just fall out of peak wedding season, so you’ll find better venue and reception hire prices and availability. In Australia, Autumn still offers warm days of sunshine, followed by crisper, cooler evenings. If you were hoping to have your wedding outdoors, Autumn is still a beautiful time of year to do this. Vineyards are a popular backdrop for Autumn weddings with gorgeous orange and red leaves surroundings. Here are our favourite ideas and tips for planning an Autumn wedding down-under.

Have an Early Ceremony

Whilst in summer you might still consider having your ceremony at 4pm, in Autumn it does get darker earlier and you’ll want to make the most of the day light. Any time from 12:30pm to 3pm is more common for an Autumn wedding ceremony. You’ll also want to have enough time to get photos with your bridal party before (or during) sunset.

Double Check Public Holiday Dates

Easter usually falls around the first weekends of April, and Anzac Day public holiday is towards the end. For this time of year you’ll want to confirm availability of any required accommodation and open services. Mothers Day also falls on the second weekend of May which usually ties people up with family events.

Deep Bold Colour Schemes

Deep and bold colour schemes compliment the cooler evenings with a more sophisticated and classic look. Autumn is a great opportunity to make the most of a time of year with stunning contrasting natural colours, clear days and bright light. You can go with a deep green, purple, gold colours like the image below. This is sure to wow your guests which are not your common and classic colour theme of white and gold.

Long Communal Tables

If your wedding has been outdoors, having long communal tables at the reception feels like you’re partaking in a beautiful harvest feast. If you’re in a vineyard or natural surroundings, consider a more rustic dining look that will compliment the time of year and area. Having long communal tables also brings everyone together more tightly. If you have less than 50 people attending, you could opt for communal tables and ensure everyone gathered are enjoying each company.

Native Foliage and Flower Arrangements

Australian natives are so unique and look gorgeous in the right arrangement. A nice touch is to adorn your bridal wedding arch with traditional natives in suite with your colour scheme. Usually floral arrangements in weddings go to waste, an idea you can implement is to give away those floral arrangements to your guests as thank you. If you have floral table arrangements, don’t waste the flowers and hand them out to the guests.

autumn inspired bridal arch outdoor at beach

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