Tips for Hosting a Delicious Event

Planning an event can be an long and demanding process. One key to making your occasion unforgettable is to offer a  variety of treats and beverages to cater for your guests. From popcorn machines to slushies, from bain maries to candy machines, and from cake stands to hot water urns, this guide will provide you with invaluable tips for hosting a delicious event that leaves your guests craving for more.

Popcorn machine hire for eventsPopcorn Machines:

Setting up a self serve popcorn station to your event will add an engaging element to your guests.

For larger gatherings, consider having multiple popcorn stations placed strategically throughout the venue. This ensures that no one has to travel too far to satisfy their popcorn cravings.

If you are short of space at your venue, consider hiring a popcorn cart, adding a nostalgic touch to your event.


Slushie MachineSlushie Machines:

Set up self-serve slushie stations with cups and straws. Guests will love the novelty of mixing and matching flavours throughout the day or night.

Offer your guests a selection of different slushie flavours to cater to varying preferences. Classic choices like strawberry and blue lemonade are always a hit especially for kids, but consider including exotic options like Mango Daiquiri or Piña Colada.

For adult-oriented events, you can take slushies to the next level by adding alcoholic spirits. Just be sure to label them clearly and offer non-alcoholic alternatives for designated drivers and non-alcoholic drinkers.

Hot Water for Tea and Coffee stationUrns and Bain Maries:

When using hot water urns and bain maries to serve hot beverages or buffet-style dishes, prioritise temperature control, ensure your food and drinks remain at the perfect serving temperature throughout the event.

Clearly label each urn or bain marie to provide your guests with options of what’s being served. This helps them quickly identify the food or beverage options, especially if you’re offering a range of beverages or dishes.

Frequently refill your dishes, assign someone to monitor and refill the urns and bain maries regularly to prevent any shortages.

candy machine with balloons in backgroundCandy Machines

Why not add something unique to your event such as a candy vending machine? A candy vending machine will also add an interactive element to your event and bring a touch of nostalgia to your event.

Provide guests with small bags which is included in our packages or cups and containers, when hiring multiple candy machines with different treats, your guests can create their own candy mixes to take home as party favours.



Large White Cake Stand with cakeCake Stands

Use cake stands and dessert displays to showcase a variety of desserts including cakes, cupcakes, pastries, and more.

Create a dessert station at your event using decorative platters, stands, and decorations that match your event’s overall style and theme.

Depending on the event, you may want to serve dessert after the main meal, alongside coffee, or as part of a dessert bar throughout the evening.



Hosting a delicious event involves more than just serving food and drinks to you’re guests; it’s about creating an experience for your guests to remember. By offering a different range of treats and beverages, such as popcorn, slushies, urns, bain maries, candy machines, and utilising cake stands for dessert displays. Whether it’s a birthday party, wedding reception, or corporate christmas party, our tips will help you cater to everyone’s taste buds and make your event a hit!



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