How to Set Up Festoon Lights

Elevate your year-end celebrations by surrounding your festive event with the charming Festoon Lighting hire! Whether you’re planning an intimate backyard gathering or a grand outdoor affair. The addition of Festoon lights will turn your event into a wondrous spectacle. These radiant gems casts a warm yellow glow that can turn any event space into a Christmas wonderland! They are most ideal lighting choice for any outdoor events from weddings to garden parties! Read on more on how to set up Festoon Lights. 


Festoon Lights: Ensure you have hired enough string lighting to cover the entire location you intend to illuminate.

Extension Cords: Make sure you have enough extension cords to reach your power source, if needed.

Cable ties, hooks or clips: You’ll need a secure means to fasten your festoon lights. Depending on your venue’s set up, you can use hooks, clips or cable ties. 

Wire Rope: If your venue location lacks any suitable support for the lights. We recommend to have wire steel rope on hand. If you’re not using support wires, be sure to maintain a distance of less than 7 metres between fixings.

Power Source: Identify a suitable power source nearby and plan around that.

Ladder: Required to hang the lights at your desired height. 

Steps to Set Up your Hired Festoon Lights:

  1. Plan Your Design/Layout: 

Before jumping into setting up, take some time to plan how you want your festoon lights to look. Consider the layout of the area and locations where you’d want to hang the lights. Look for potential fixing points of your location, trees, tall fence posts, and the sides of houses are great fixing points. There are several patterns you can do such as X, V, zig-zag, parallel or pinwheel, this all depends on your set up location.

Tip: Fixing points should be less than 7m apart if you’re not using support wires.

different patterns to set up festoon lights

2. Test the Lights: At Event Hire Sydney, we always test the lights before they are ready for hire. However, it is always recommended to test them with your power source and ensure they are functioning correctly.

3. Locate the Power Source: Determine where you’ll be plugging in the lights and make sure you have a secure and accessible power source. Consider using extension cords for length. 

4. Hang the Lights: Attach your chosen hooks, clips, or cable ties to the desired locations (e.g trees, pergolas, fences, posts). The types of fixing point you need depends on factors like the design.  If using support wires, attach the wires to your desired locations/design. Secure the lights by draping them over the hooks or through the clips. Best to keep the light stretched but not too tight. You can have a gentle sag in the strings to create a relaxed look to your display. Our festoon lights already have the bulbs attached so you don’t need to screw each bulb. 

Note: We don’t provide installation and setup or any of the other accessories you require for setup. 

5. Secure and Space the lights: As you go along, periodically step back to assess your progress and ensure the lights are evenly spaced. Adjust the placement if necessary.

6. Conceal Cords and Excess Length: Make sure the extension cords and any excess festoon light lengths are hidden or secured to avoid tripping hazards. 

7. Power Up: Connect the festoon lights to your power source and ensure they light up as expected. 

8. Enjoy the Ambiance: Now that your festoon light hire is set up, it’s time to sit back and enjoy the magical atmosphere together with your friends and family. Our festoon lighting can transform any outdoor space into a captivating one. Though it may take some time and effort to install, they nonetheless offer a breathtaking atmosphere that will make your outdoor gatherings, parties, weddings even better. 

festoon light

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