Guide to Making the Most of Your Speaker in Sydney

From weddings to corporate presentations, every event in Sydney can benefit from quality sound equipment. If you’re not an audio expert, the process of hiring speakers might seem daunting. At Event Hire Sydney, we’ve prepared a checklist to help you navigate the ins and outs of hiring speakers for your event in the beautiful city of Sydney.

Identify Your Event Type

The first step in choosing the right sound equipment is determining the type of event you’re hosting. The nature of your event will dictate the sound system required. For instance, a backyard party with less than 100 guests might only need a single speaker. On the other hand, larger events like weddings or presentations may demand a PA system, complete with a microphone and multiple speakers.

If your event involves dancers, singers, performers, or speeches, you’ll need a more comprehensive setup. At Event Hire Sydney, we offer a diverse range of speaker and PA system options to suit your needs. Consider our PA System with wireless microphone and speaker stand, an ideal choice for events with a mix of music and speeches. This package includes two speaker hires, a wireless microphone, and a speaker stand, ensuring clear and amplified sound for both music and speeches.

Consider the Event Environment

Whether your event takes place indoors or outdoors is another critical factor when choosing the right sound equipment. The setting affects the number and type of speakers and PA systems required.

  • Indoor Events: In a small indoor setting, one speaker may suffice. However, for larger indoor venues such as function halls, at least two speaker are often necessary, depending on the guest count.
  • Outdoor Events: Outdoor events introduce another layer of complexity. Consider whether the event location is relatively quiet or noisy. If the surroundings are noisy, with main roads or other sources of ambient sound, it’s essential to ensure that sound remains clear and audible from all angles.

Estimate the Guest Count

The number of guests at your event also impacts the choice of speakers. For larger gatherings, such as weddings or events with a substantial audience, a single speaker may not be enough to project sound effectively. You don’t want your guests to strain to hear.

Event Hire Sydney provides solutions for various scenarios. For smaller gatherings of fewer than 60 guests, our Battery Powered wireless speaker is an excellent choice for speeches or presentations. For events with up to 100 guests, we recommend our PA System with corded microphone and speaker stand to ensure that every guest can hear without straining.

corporate speaker presentation

At Event Hire Sydney, we understand that convenience matters. We offer both delivery and pickup services for all our speaker and PA system products. If you prefer to pick up your rented items, our Sydney location in Auburn is at your service. However, if you’d like the convenience of delivery, we provide reliable and efficient delivery services to your event venue.

When it comes to hosting an event in Sydney, sound quality can make or break the experience. By following our checklist and partnering with Event Hire Sydney, you can ensure that your event’s sound needs are met professionally and efficiently. We’re here to cater to all your event requirements, delivering top-notch service and equipment to make your event a resounding success. So, whether it’s a wedding, a presentation, or any event in between, let us be your trusted source for speaker in Sydney.

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