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Designing dream events in Sydney becomes a seamless and delightful experience with the vast array of furniture hire options available. One key aspect that can truly elevate the ambiance and style of your occasion is the choice of furniture. From the classic allure of tiffany chairs to the contemporary charm of bar tables, and the relaxed elegance of lounges and ottomans. Let’s explore more on how we can transform your event to an unforgettable one with furniture rentals.

Graceful Seating - Tiffany Chairs

Tiffany chairs have become synonymous with sophistication and grace event decor. These timeless chairs are not only visually appealing but also comfortable. Making them a popular choice for weddings, formal dinners, and upscale events. Whether you’re planning a glamorous wedding reception or a corporate function, incorporating Tiffany chairs adds a touch of timeless elegance to your seating arrangements. At Event Hire Sydney, we stock a range of tiffany chairs available in different colours. From elegant white to regal gold colours, our beautiful Tiffany chairs comes second to none. There are countless ways and ideas to style these graceful chairs. Consider adorning the chair backs with ribbons or attaching the sides with a small bouquet. 

Stylish and Functional - Bar Stools

For events with a more contemporary or casual vibe, bar stools are an excellent seating choice. Perfect for cocktail parties, outdoor gatherings, or trendy corporate events. We provide a variety of styles and colour of bar stools. For a sleek and modern appeal, opt for our minimalist range the Wire bar stools. These modern style stools are perfect for indoor and outdoor events. This beautiful stool features a unique geometric arrow design on the backrest, adding charm and style to your event space. This stool is available in the colours gold, turquoise, black and white.

Are you going for a more rustic event theme? Consider our Tolix bar stools, a versatile seating option that can be used indoors and outdoors. The industrial design of the tolix stool means they complement a wide range of decor style and colour schemes. Add a pop of colour to your event with our tolix stools that are available in lime, orange, purple, red, silver, white, yellow and black. All our bar stools sits at the right height to place around our high bar tables or tapas tables. 


Luxurious Comfort - Armchairs & Sofas

When comfort meets luxury, armchairs are the epitome of refined seating. Ideal for creating cosy corners at your event, armchairs offer a touch of opulence and relaxation. Whether used as part of a lounge area or scattered throughout the venue, these plush seating options enhance the overall guest experience. We stock stylish armchairs such as our Wire velvet armchair range, available in white, black, ivy green, pink and navy blue. This wire arm chair is ideal for indoor and outdoor events like garden parties, engagements, corporate events and more! Our arm chairs pairs perfectly together with the Wire velvet sofa lounges, completing your events look!

For events that prioritise a laid-back and chic atmosphere, consider incorporating lounge settings with our sofas and ottomans. Lounge furniture adds a touch of relaxed sophistication, creating inviting spaces for guests to unwind and socialise. From sleek leather ottomans to velvet lounge setups, our furniture options allow you to tailor the lounge area to match your event’s aesthetic.

Versatile & Chic - Bar Tables

Create interactive and social spaces at your event with the inclusion of bar tables and tapas tables. These versatile additions encourage mingling and conversation, making them perfect for cocktail hours, networking events, or any gathering where guests can enjoy small bites and drinks. With various sizes and designs available, including Rectangle Tapas table, Cross cocktail bar tables, Brass cocktail bar tables and more!

cocktail bar with pink cloth 

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