A guide to stage hire

When hiring a stage, there are questions that you need to ask and consider when looking around to hire. Here at Event Hire Sydney, in our guide to stage hire, we have collated a set of questions that you should be considered so our experts can give you the best advice they can.

These questions that should be asked and considered are:

  • How big is the stage?
  • How high is the stage?
  • Does the stage have and/or need a wet weather cover?
  • What finish is the stage? i.e Timber, vinyl or carpet etc, depending on the occasion.

We recommend Aluminium Frame as they are the most sturdy and reliable, and also are able to carry heavier loads than typical steel frames.

Another consideration is to have a clear measurement of the size and floor space the stage will occupy.  Fortunately with Event Hire Sydney you can hire your stage by per square metre, therefore you’re only paying for what you require.

a guide to stage hire

For outdoor events, such as at a sporting field, road and traffic area, public parks etc, you’ll need to ensure that the area where the stage will be assembled is even and flat. Our team at Event Hire Sydney can help advise on this based on your requirements.

guide to stage hire

Finally, once you have covered the size and surface area logistics, you can complete our form to get a quote on your stage today! If you require additional equipment hire including drape backdrops, audio, lighting and event furniture hire. You can read our complete guide to audio hire here and our range of lighting hire here.

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