Decorating Tiffany Chairs

The great thing about the classic Tiffany Chair, is with a nice cushion and styled event, it doesn’t need anything else! However if you would like to add a special touch to your chair arrangements, there are few unique ideas that look extra special.

Tiffany Chair bow (vertical)

Simple to create and looks beautiful draped over the back of the chair.

Ribbon with bow tie (horizontally)

Use a contrasting colour for a stylish effect.

Diagonal sash with oversized bow

Crossing the sash to run a diagonal line is such a simple variation but looks sharp and sophisticated.

Weaving criss-cross backs

If you’d rather not have hanging fabric, a basic weave and criss-cross can be fantastic way to add to your colour scheme.

Draping chiffon

For a more dramatic effect, weave and drape chiffon so that there is a loose veil at the base of the chairs. This is also a beautiful touch for the bridal table.

Hang signs on the bride and groom chairs

Tiffany Chairs are easy to hang signage from. Adding a bride and groom sign is a cute way to differentiate the new Mr and Mrs chairs at your wedding reception.

Find more decoration ideas for Tiffany Chairs on our Pinterest board here.

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