Chair Hire Options for Your Next Event

When choosing chair hire for your event, there are a number of options to consider, and often the hardest part can just be knowing what’s what! This guide covers the different chair hire available at Event Hire Sydney and the most popular uses of each.

Folding Chairs

Folding chairs are popular for all kinds of events. Whether it’s a formal occasion such as a wedding or ceremony, or an official event such as a conference or performance, folding chairs are a great choice for their durability, comfort and convenience in being easy to set up and pack down.

Folding chairs look great in all event uses. When lined up together, the straight diagonal backs in a row looks strong and classy, especially in the same colour (white being the most popular). It’s stylish lines also looks terrific as a feature chair on it’s own, in pairs or a small group. Quite often the Folding chair will be used for bride and groom marriage signings as it’s not distracting but still looks sophisticated for the photos.

With such a classic and timeless style, even one or two Tiffany chairs in isolation has a clean and stylish look. The folding chair can often look like a prop than something pleasant to sit on, but don’t be fooled, the Folding Chair is often chosen first and foremost because of how comfortable it actually is!

The Tiffany Chair

The Tiffany chair is one of the most timeless and classic chair styles. It’s the chair you’re most likely to recognise from functions and events, usually in more traditional colours like white, black, silver or gold. The Tiffany Chair’s elegance can probably be attributed to its historical origins known as the Chiavari chair after a small Italian city in the mid 1800s.

The Tiffany chair may look delicate, but it can hold up to 135kg in dynamic weight, i.e. spread evenly. A popular choice for weddings and special occasions, the Tiffany chair looks sophisticated in any setting on it’s own, or if you prefer you can decorate it with a sash, hanging flowers or coloured cushion.

Tiffany chairs are enjoyed all over the world and are a fashionable chair choice for it’s carved spindles, petite frame, no arms and usually paired with a cushion seat that ties at the back. Tiffany chairs are a style of chair, not a brand, which is important to keep in mind for hire that you still prioritize checking the quality of your chair hire than assuming all Tiffany chairs are the same.

Floral arrangement hanging on a Folding Chair

Wire and Arrow Chairs

If you’re after a more modern look, the Wire (also known as Arrow) chair is a suitable choice. It comes in a variety of colours including gold, white, turquoise and black which can look great in just one theme, or a combination. If you want to add a pop of colour, you can also add a cushion for seating, or throw a few decorative cushions on each alternate chair.

Wire chairs come without upholstery, and it’s transparent ‘wire’ like shell gives a sense of lightness and modern sophistication. The comfort comes from it’s rounded shape and soft wire strings that can still bear weight. The wire chair adds a contemporary look to an event space and is suitable for dining, casual seating or decoration.

The wire chair can also come as stools, which looks great in pairs with a bar table. Wire stools and bar tables are perfect if you’re hosting a cocktail party or there is informal searing. The colour options are add a stylish pop to an event space too.

Tolix Chairs

Similar to the Wire chair, the Tolix chair is more modern and a more vibrant and bold choice. Coming in the most variety of colours including silver, lime, black, purple, blue, yellow, orange, red and white, the Tolix chair always looks fun, and is a very sturdy and comfortable chair.

You might recognise Tolix chairs at cafes for their wet weather durability and funky bright colours. The term Tolix is actually a trademark symbol that is the protective paint layer to prevent metal from rusting. It was originally designed to withstand the outdoors and weather, but you’ll notice now the Tolix chair is popular for both indoors and outdoor occasions.

At Event Hire Sydney we have an entire Tolix furniture range including stools and chairs available to hire.

The Victorian Chair

One of the more elegant options the Victorian chair is made of resin plastic with a gloss finish. A favourite choice for more formal occasions such as dinner parties, religious ceremonies or weddings, the Victorian chair is an easy way to take the sophistication of your event space up a notch, whilst still a convenient hire choice being lightweight, sturdy and durable.

The Victorian chair also comes in a clear (aka ‘ghost) option which is a contemporary choice for corporate events.

Executive and Conference Chairs

If you’re planning a corporate event, executive and conference chairs are your most comfortable choice. Both come in black, and the conference chair is padded whereas the executive chair is plastic. Conference chairs are a little wider and more commonly used for presentations, meetings and formal conferences. The executive chair has a black matte finish and is suitable for both indoors and outdoor events.


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